Today was a rough day for cravings. Not quite sure what to attribute it to. Could be a few different things. Not working out for the past 2 days, screwing with my eating schedule this AM (most likely….. and I’ll explain that in another post in a while, when I actually get more than 5 mins avail) or could be stress. I worked all week without a day off and anyone who knows me and knows my job and the people I’m I’m contact with on a daily basis, know I need my damn day off. Anywho, if given the chance…. I’da emptied the entire vending machine if I could have. All I wanted to do all day was munch. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I kept it together for the most part. Had some peanuts (honey roasted…cheat), then had some trail mix. At least I made fairly healthy choices up until I caved and had pretzels (honey mustard). *Hanging my head in shame* I haven’t got a clue what got into me today. I did, however, keep myself from buying the Pillsbury Brownies that I have been eyeing for weeks. That bastard who stocks the vending machine knows my weakness. I could’ve killed him when I saw those in there. I even went so far as looking up the ingredients online to see if they would qualify as a “cheat” at some point. Nope. Loaded with garbage. Can’t have ‘em and didn’t want ‘em…. till today. Fuuuuuuck! I just kept telling myself “No, they’re not worth it”. Then a funny thing happened. One of the guys I work with came up to my desk to talk to me about something and what was he eating? Yep. Those fuckin’ brownies. I had such a radar lock on those things that he gave me a funny look and said “want some?”. My mouth blurted “Yes!” before my brain even had a chance to force its willpower. Lol. I took a tiny piece (and I mean tiny) and stuck it in my mouth expecting this glorious taste and in all actuality…. It sucked. I had been right all along. It wasn’t worth it. Since that moment, all has been fine. Like the switch got kicked. Weird. I am, however, still craving a goddamn brownie, except now…… It’ll be a clean one, loaded with protein and all other sorts of good for me ingredients. As a matter fact…… they’re in the oven as I type this. Lol. The pics will be posted later.
So, that was my #fatkidproblem for today. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to come!!